Best ways to ship golf clubs to Scotland

Shipping golf clubs to Scotland

For golfers, holiday is chance to go away, play golf and relax in fabulous destinations… You plan your trip, you plan what you need to bring, plan your all transportation… but what do we do about golf clubs?

Go Golf St Andrews’s experience of golf bag handling has been varied on different golf trips around the world. We had very good and bad experiences travelling with clubs. We have some advice to make your decision easy with your golfing holiday.

GGSA advice to you…

Solution 1, Book a direct/non stop Flight, bring your clubs on your flight

Solution 2, Travel like a pro; ship your sticks

Solution 3, Hire clubs

Let us explain more in detail.

  1. Try to book a DIRECT flight and bring your clubs with you

If, for example, you are going to one destination taking one direct flight and only playing golf in that location then checking in clubs on your flight is by far one of the most efficient way to go.


  • Probably cheapest way, less handling equal less chance to be lost.


  • Delay/lost luggage: your holiday starts with disaster.
  • Damaged clubs (some airline company has not cover for the liability for the damage. Please check with your airline company)
  • You need to get a decent golf bag cover/ case to protect the clubs and bag. And also you need to make sure that you protect your clubs in the bag.
  • Some low cost carrier don’t take golf bag at all.

Please always check your airline company’s luggage policy before your book the flight. You can find some airline company links at the bottom of this page.

  1. Shipping your clubs and bag with a specialized company


  • Total secured and easiest & smartest way. You can forget about your clubs until you get to the course
  • Generally good protection, decent insurance


  • It is not necessarily the most affordable way but we think this is an affordable way for you to have piece of mind your clubs are in good hands.

If you are making a business trip, vacation or travelling extensively and you are planning to make a once in a lifetime trip to the Home of Golf then you’ll probably want your own set of clubs. In this situation shipping your clubs in advance is a convenient way for you to continue with your business trip, vacation or travels without having to carry clubs along with you.

You can find how to ship at the bottom of this page.

  1. Hire Clubs

On the other hand while making a trip to Japan I spent 3 weeks travelling the country but only played golf 3 times. Taking clubs on holiday and only playing very little golf became cumbersome and a hassle, I regretted taking my clubs. I would have been far better renting clubs at each location. During this trip I did not make so may flight however on other trips I’ve made multiple flight which increased the chances of lost clubs and even damaged clubs.


  • Total free hassle from carrying around, worrying damage or lost luggage,


  • Not your clubs… and not the same experience

We can arrange club and show hire in St Andrews. It cost from £35 pounds per day and £12.50 for shoes.

Shipping your golf clubs like a PRO

The process is hassle free and very convent. Clubs are collated from your door step and delivered direct to you requested destination address.

We will require your address, club destination address, Bag size, bag colour, estimated value, and return date. We will then make arrangements fro them to be collected at your convince. 3 days before shipping you will be provided with a baggage tag to be attached to the bag. After they are collected you’ll see your clubs close to the first tee in Scotland.

The shipping agent will arrange for your golf club collection at a pre arranged date. This can be far head before your golf trip or as little as 5 days before your golf trip.

You will then receive a tracking number so you will be able to see exactly where your bags are at any given time.

Your luggage can be forwarded from anywhere in the world to The Home of Golf.

Our shipping agents will take care of all customs clearance so you’ll not have to worry about your valuable sticks.


We recommend a company called Luggage Forward. They offer a door to door service.

Some Go Golf St Andrews travel tips-

– Use a hard body bag

– Even better get a hard bodies travel case

– Stuff extra clothing towels around your clubs to prevent then being damaged. Waterproofs are good for this.

– Be prepared to take your clubs to oversized luggage area after checking in with your airline.

– Golf bags are often shipped for free so they can be used to bring over extra clothing, shoes, gifts etc.

– Make your bag easily identifiable

To find out about airline baggage restrictions click here

If you require any further information or are ready to book your trip  contact us and we look forward to welcome your clubs and yourself to the Home of Golf.

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