7 ways to increase your chances in the Old Course Ballot

Go Golf St Andrews hints and tips.

Our clients often ask us what are the chances of us getting to play the Old Course through the ballot. This is always a difficult question to answer. We cannot guarantee or give anyone a 100% correct answer. However we have put together a few suggestions to help you Increase your chances in Old Course ballot

  1. Busy dates- there are certain days of the year that are pre booked by local golf clubs and tournaments. Best to check St Andrews links website “Busy dates”. Please note some days have certain times booked and not the entire day.
  2. When adding your names to the ballot make yourself available the whole day long. If you have another local course booked and are successful most local clubs and courses are flexible and will understand if you have to re arrange your tee time.
  3. Try to include a Saturday in your trip. On a Saturday your chances are higher in getting in to the ballot, as there are no advanced reservations allocated to a Saturday.
  4. There are a couple of months in the year when The Old Course is heavily booked. This is due to annual tournaments, local club weeks etc. August and September months are very busy.
  5. Try to book stay several days in St Andrews. You can enter in to the ballot 48 hrs before you arrive and continue to do so until successful.
  6. If you are unsuccessful contact links trust straight away and re enter names for the next opportunity. You don’t want to forget entering your names in before the next day 14.00 deadline.
  7. St Andrews Links have an app that can be downloaded on to your phone. At 16.00 of the day of entry you will find out if you are one of the lucky ones.

We can guarantee you one thing about the ballot. If you are lucky to get a time you will be the happiest golfers in town.

If you’d like to find out more information about the ballot or any information on how to book golf please do Click here to contact us.

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